Seminar – Days 4 and 5


On Tuesday, Jill, Sue and I did not have class.  So we went to the WW II Museum.  My dad fought in the Second World War (as well as Korea) so I wanted to see how the museum treated the European Theatre.

The exhibits were wonderful but I felt that there was much more in the Pacific section, perhaps because the overall battle was longer and more extensive geographically. At any rate, the museum tells a very moving story of the courage and fortitude of the men and women of the Greatest Generation.

Last night, we had dinner at Commander’s Palace.  Best shrimp remoulade ever!  When we left, they took us though the kitchen to see behind the scenes.

Today, I had a one day class, Swirling Tulips by Gail Stafford.   Below is one quadrant of the design.  Tomorrow, we start Beets so I will have another root vegetable piece!

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