February SOTM


Hi Everyone —

What a great time we had at last Saturday’s SOTM stitch-in.  You will see that the color choices are greatly varied and we enjoyed having a few new members this month!  We are having a great time with Susan’s beautiful design.

IMG_0092 (2)IMG_0094 (2)

At some risk, I am going to name the stitchers:

  • Top Row:  Joan, Mally
  • Second Row:  Jill, Nancy
  • Third Row:  Rosie, Carol
  • Fourth Row:  Barbara L, Sue C

Apologies in advance for my errors.  Check back here for next month’s progress!  We have a large group this year and are very much enjoying the fellowship!  In case you were wondering — Rosie is still working on last year’s SOTM.  A prior SOTM is the only allowable alternative in this group!




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