Day 1 of Jewel by Toni Gerdes


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What a great day I had today! I had some trepidation about keeping up with the more experienced stitchers. However, Toni is an excellent teacher and classroom manager. Her handouts are superbly done and she explained everything. Toni made it easy for us by doing the pre-work on the canvas herself. She took each student’s canvas and counted out and then enlarged holes that were key intersections. She opted not to draw the design because she was afraid many of the pencil lines would show through. She also paced the class so that we had ample time to work in an area. Much of the outlining came before the other stitches. That makes one feel better because more of your canvas is covered! I chose to do my project on 18 mesh, however many of the students were doing theirs on Congress cloth. My goal is to get more adept and do less ripping out, so that next time I can use Congress cloth too. Toni is very generous in spirit and gives freely of her expertise. Her pre-work was crucial and I know it took her a lot of time for each canvas. She was very excited to hear that I would be blogging about the class and readily agreed to let me publish a picture of the finished product. She loves to come and teach local chapters.

wpid-20150928092612.jpgToni’s version

Mine, so far.

My day ended at the Cyber Pointers meeting where I won my membership for next year. All in all a great day.

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