I love it when I can see progress!

As I said before, I finished the stocking I've been working on but still needed to block it and find the fabric for the lining and backing. Wednesday night i was able to start blocking. I found the lining material in my stash but didn't have the right color or fabric for the backing. As it turned out, I was meeting my sister for lunch on Thursday south of New Hope and saw there was a Joann's about 15 minutes further south on 611. After a delicious lunch at a new small place we found, I was off to Joann's and found exactly what I needed. Thursday night I was able to finish the stocking before we headed to the lake for a long weekend! One project down!

Since I was done the stocking, I now had a chance to start to catch up on my “A Different View”. My goal was to get the border done over the weekend and I actually succeeded, despite needing some frogging where I didn't count quite right! I'm amazed at how much better I'm liking the piece with both colors of the border tying it together. My goal for our next SOTM group meeting in December is to have 2 of the octagons done and the other 2 started. I picked up some additional fibers to play with in the areas I didn't like the ones Kurdy Biggs had specified for the Koral Kiss color way.

I didn't have time to do pictures. I'll bring to our meeting this week to show off both projects !

Happy stitching!


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  1. Wow are you productive Diane! I was happy to finish my part of the Barbara Davis canvas, so I can get it to Carol this afternoon. I am sorry to miss the meeting this week. I will have to depend on Rosie’s fabulous summary. I hope she gets a picture of the lining and backing. When does Mike get it?

    • We’ll miss you this week Heidi! If Rosie doesn’t get a picture of the lining and backing, I will post one! I’ll give it to him the Friday after Thanksgiving. Last year, I decided to give Christina hers then so they could hang it for the holidays and it works really well for us. I also started giving them their annual ornaments then so they can hang them on their trees.

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