So earlier today I said that I was heading to Westbrook, CT for a stitching retreat.  Along the way I stopped at Stitch by Stitch in Larchmont, NY.  I had been to this shop once before and hadn’t really planned to stop on this trip.  However, yesterday I saw a Facebook post from the shop that they are having a 20% off sale on all Halloween canvases.  I happened to mention it to my husband who had accompanied me on the last trip to the shop.  He emphatically stated that this was a great shop and I had to visit again (he and the daughter are my worst enablers).

Of course I forgot to take pictures, but the shop is a great find.  Lots of canvases that I haven’t seen in shops near us as well as threads galore and all those needlework toys!  Betty, one of the owners, is terrific and so helpful.  Oh, I did pick up a few canvases …

Stitch by Stitch Purchases

Purchases from Stitch by Stitch in Larchmont

Then I headed up to Wilton, CT.  I printed out directions from Google Maps, but decided to test using the phone app as a GPS unit.  She and I did not get along at all – whenever she had to reroute me because I hadn’t followed her instructions, she simply kept quiet for a while.  So I still used my printed directions.

This was my first visit to The Enriched Stitch in Wilton.  The store did not disappoint, although Route 7 hasn’t improved in the 20 years since we last lived in White Plains and traveled those roads.  The store had lots of different canvases and threads, and was bustling with shoppers on their way to the retreat.  I found a gorgeous Christmas canvas, that was even better when I was shown the finished model.  It was a stand-up music box.  Stunning!  Here’s the canvas (I forgot to take a picture of the model).

The Enriched Stitch Purchases

The Enriched Stitch Purchases

Both Mary Susan, the woman who wrote the stitch guide as well as stitched the model, and Ginny couldn’t have been more helpful.  I also ordered a canvas that I had seen on the shop’s website and was on display at the shop.  It was spectacular on the website and absolutely incredible in person.  It’s called Harvest Moon, also by Ewe and Eye.

I couldn’t capture the image but here is a link to the finished piece.

I finally arrived at my ultimate destination and am thrilled with my room.  My room is off by itself just above the lobby and there is a great sitting area right outside my door.  I’ll include pictures in a subsequent post.  Now I’m going to get ready for the Meet and Greet!

Happy Stitching!

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  1. What a terrific post. I’m in Charleston,SC which is lovely, but encouragement from a husband to visit a needlepoint store is unimaginable, I’m jealous. Have fun. You have enough projects to keep you going for a while. I loved the Harvest Moon.

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