Second day of Winter in the High Country


We continued on our various snow banks of winter with a variety of both stitches and threads. I was anxiously awaiting the trees as that was the part that seemed to me to be the least structured. Finally after the afternoon break we started on the trees which ARE very randomly stitched in a fly stitch. The first thread we used was so thick and rough, the stitches are not smooth and cover a multitude of sins! I did not finish that tree because I did want to stitch at least one tree with the silk to see if I had major issues. So far it looks good.m the last portion of the class was going over the sections we had not yet stitched and for which the directions were really incomplete. It will be interesting to see what my finished product looks like! I am on my own for bushes, mountains, shading of the sky, etc. Much of this I should be able to figure out from the photo.

A few more snow banks


The canvas is really white, not sure why it appears to be so yellow!

I spent some time in the boutique today. Just Nan designed a Gingerbread notebook exclusively for the shop, ABC Stitch Therapy, to be sold first at the Seminar. Denise B. asked me to pick it up for her so she would be sure to get it.

Ornament stitched into the design


Another class, new techniques, more fun tomorrow!



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  1. I love the variations of snow. It would be fun to compare it to Diane’s stocking that she did for her daughter-in-law, but it’s off in Texas now. Happy stitching!

    • Heidi, it was interesting to see how both the stitches and the threads played a roll. The overdye that she gave me had very little blue compared to the one she stitched with. I plan to buy another skein that has more blue to intermix for the rest of that section of snow–the Bargello.

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