Stash and Bling!


Hi, Everyone —

Sue and I had a busy day but are finally checked into our “suite” here at the EGA hotel in Phoenix.

We started our day with a visit to Family Arts Needlework store.  They had a wonderful assortment of threads and canvasses.  I was especially impressed with some of the finishing that we saw in there.  However, we must be pretty shopped out because neither of us bought anything here.  Still, I thought I should document my “haul”:

It's the needlepoint equivalent of Halloween candy!!

It’s the needlepoint equivalent of Halloween candy!!

We had lunch in Tempe with Sue’s cousins — I figured it was a good thing that I didn’t wear either Stanford’s or U of A’s colors!  You can bet that I’ll be watching the Stanford/ASU Football game tomorrow!

The refueling went pretty well and now we are car-less for the rest of seminar.  Classes start tomorrow!



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  1. You two have certainly taken advantage of the wonderful needlepoint shops in the area not to mention visiting so much family. What a great combination! Enjoy the seminar.

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