Make a U-Curve Ahead!


Hi, Everyone —

Sue and I had another grand adventure today!  Thanks goodness for Sue’s Garmin which USUALLY is quite good at getting us between destinations!  We are still puzzling over the “Make a U-curve” instruction, however.

We visited three stores in Scottsdale today.  We parked in front of Be Stitched and chose to eat lunch at the Italian restaurant next door!  It reminded us of Nonna’s in Florham Park.  Bella and Ellie Bean would have loved it!

The Sign of a Civilized Society!

The Sign of a Civilized Society!

Be Stitched is a lovely shop that specializes in painted canvasses.  I was able to get a Kreinik color (and size) that I have been searching for in NJ.  This shop is known for its packaging and even my simple thread purchase was tied up with a beautiful green ribbon!  Sue and I both said that it did our hearts good to see the eight or so women who were all stitching around the big table working on their (different) canvasses.  But, seriously, Be Stitched is so bright and cheerful — who wouldn’t want to stitch here?

Where Needlepoint Magic Happens!

Be Stitched — Where Needlepoint Magic Happens!

Next we drove to Old Town Scottsdale to a shop that was appropriately called “Old Town Needlework“.   When I was in Tucson last weekend, I read on the Needlepoint Facebook page that Old Town Needlework was holding a retreat at the Omni Resort in Tucson.  So I asked if this was their retreat and “yes” it was!  So I asked to see what they stitched at the retreat and was shown a lovely piece designed by Toni Gerdes.  So, of course, both Sue and I had to check out the colorways and pick one for each of our stashes!  But then, what a wonder of Arizona-themed and counted projects we discovered here!  Janice and Annelle were so much fun to talk to and will have a few things put aside for us at merchandise night next Tuesday!

Old Town Needlework had plenty of New Time projects!

Old Town Needlework had plenty of New Time projects!

The last shop that we visited was Bead World in the same shopping center as Be Stitched!  Who knew?  Anyway, I was able to pick up a few of the beads that I wanted to use in “A Different View”.  This was my first venture into a bead shop and it was interesting and a bit overwhelming!

We finished our day at the laundromat — where none of the machines worked for me unless the manager came to help!  I wonder what will happen when I try to fill the rental car with gas tomorrow?



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