Puzzle Pieces – day 2


I was so frustrated yesterday with having to redo sections because my counts were off, I finally started basting around the different sections last night after dinner! What a difference it made today for knowing where to begin each section. You can see the shapes off the different sections outlined below – lots of trapezoidal, rectangles, triangles with a square in the center. There are 14 sections In all so I still have a little basting to do.

I started the day with a run along the river and a stop at Starbucks on the way back. What a great way to get some fresh air before 7 hours of stitching.

Puzzle Pieces - day 2

Today we focused on sections 4 and 5. Section 4 has Rhodes, scotch, and Byzantine stitches. I loved Jackie's suggestion on the Rhodes to add a final stitch that is the same as 1-2; it gives a nice definition to the stitch. Section 5 is fabulous but complex. We began by doing padding sections where we had to watch the stitch counts and placements. Once that was done, we did 4 Hilton triangles – one in each corner – that overlap each other. Once again, getting the stitch counts correct was critical. We then filled the center with 2 triangular Rhodes. I actually finished the section as you can see. It is dramatic!

The camaraderie in the class is wonderful, especially as we all curse having to pull out and redo sections and get knots in the loooooooong thread required for the Hilton triangles. I'm thoroughly enjoying it.

The evening was filled with the Opening Banquet. Afterwards, I took another walk down and along the river enjoying the city at night.

Chicago at night

Now I have to finish basting the remaining sections so I'm ready for tomorrow. I'm also looking forward to the Exhibition since those who already stopped by it were ecstatic with praise for the work displayed.


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