Puzzle Pieces – First Day Progress


I just came back from 6 hours working on Puzzle Pieces by Jackie Murawski. I loved the colors and the fact that there were a lot of multiple layer stitches in this piece, not to mention the geometrics. There are supposed to be 24 people in the class but one woman broke her arm recently so had to cancel (but still paid for the piece so she could get it to do on her own!) and one had to leave at lunchtime due to a family emergency. So there are 22 of us from all over the US.

Jackie handed out the canvas, which I was pleasantly surprised to find was sparkly! She then handed out these wonderful boxes containing our threads, a container for orts, and portable laying tools. There are lots of interesting fibers which I'll talk about another day!


Here's what the piece is supposed to look like when finished.

Puzzle Pieces Design Finished

Today we worked on 3 sections (middle leftmost on above design , the trapezoid above it, and the trapezoid with the crescents ). As you can see, I didn't make much progress! I did a lot of ripping out as the counts have to be exact and I would be off by one, so I'd have to start over!


My progress at end of day one!

I have lots of work ahead of me tonight and may baste so that I can get the next sections tomorrow correct! The class is exactly the challenge I was looking for, but by the end of the day, I needed a break before tackling it again tonight.

I'll see if I can get some class pictures tomorrow.


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