Needlework shop on North Shore of Long Island


My husband and I spent the weekend of August 8-10 on the north shore of Long Island. The primary purpose of the weekend was a “pour and pedal” adventure where you bike to 3 different wineries in the area as well as an historic site and a farm stand. We had a beautiful day to be outside and enjoy the wineries. The wine wasn’t too bad either!

After spending 6 or 7 hours biking the area and drinking lots of wine and having a wonderful lunch overlooking one of the vineyards, not to mention being outside in the sun and fresh air, we decided on the way back to our hotel that we needed a snack! While there’s not a lot of shopping in the area, we were on a street in Mattituck, NY with 2 blocks of shops and he saw a candy shop which would satisfy his craving! As we parked the car and walked toward the candy store, I noticed a needlework store which I just had to go see what they had! Altman’s Needle &Fiber Arts is a cute shop on Love Lane that has all kinds of needle arts – needlepoint, cross stitch, knitting, crochet, and quilting – as well as gift items. Just browsing the small shop was fun! I bought a stitch and zip glasses case which I’ve been eyeing for some time and they had quite a few of the stitch and zip kits. I was too tired to really look at canvases although they did have some fun ones and you know my love of painted canvases!

I did not get the name of the woman who waited on me or any pictures since my brain was only half there! However, there were several women in the shop and they were all super-nice and chatty! It was wonderful to find such a cute shop in a small, out-of-the-way place.

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