My Weekend Stitching Accomplishments


My husband and I went to our Adirondack cabin for Memorial Day weekend.  While we did have to do the season opening chores, like putting out the swim raft and dock and mulching the paths, I also decided to set some stitching goals for the weekend.  I had 4 goals, one for each of the projects I’m “currently” working – A Different View, my block for the Family Garden project in honor of Barbara Davis, my Ort Box with a Twist, and a Snowmen stocking for my daughter’s boyfriend. 

Since I’m way behind on “A DIfferent VIew”, I wanted to at least get the octagon outlines stitched.  I was having a terrible time counting correctly and keeping the canvas taut.  I completed 2 3/4 and finally decided the stretcher bars had to go as one pair of them just wouldn’t stay tight.  I’d had the same problem with that pair on last year’s SOTM and solved it by putting small brads into the corners to keep it tight; however, this year it just wasn’t working!  So I put it aside until yesterday when I was in New Hope and stopped at The Gazebo to pick up 2 pairs of 16″ Evertites.  I remounted it and hope to have the octagon outlines and borders done for next month’s SOTM meeting.

My goal on the Barbara Davis project was to complete my block, which I did (yeah!).    This is an interesting project since it is mainly cross-stitch on 24 count canvas.  By working from outside in, I was able to complete it without miscounting!  I had forgotten the fun of seeing a picture come to life with counted cross-stitch since so many of my counted projects have been more geometrics.

My 3rd project was to complete at least one block of my Ort Box, which I did!   I know it’s only one but I was able to play with my fibers and decide what I wanted to do at least for the pockets.  I have more than what the project calls for although I’m not sure there’s enough of some so I’m playing!  Hopefully, now it will go a lot quicker.

My last project was to put in the first stitches on the Snowmen stocking.  This is an inexpensive painted canvas from Dimensions that came with floss to be done in basketweave or continental.  I decided I liked the stocking but wanted to use different fibers and stitches so I’ve been doing some planning and buying different possible threads, especially pearl cotton and some metallics.  I had an idea for one of the scarves and it seems to be working okay.  I’m doing a scotch in a pearl overdye offset with a scotch/woven combination in different colors of pearl cotton with a metallic center.  It’s coming out with an interesting effect.  Once again, it’s a challenge to design a stitch guide for a painted canvas; however, it’s a nice opportunity when combined with doing charted designs.

It felt good to accomplish my stitching goals although I didn’t get as much reading done as usual!  I did get some of the chores done around the house and got to sit in the sun when it was out!  Overall, it was a successful weekend!

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  1. Seems like it was a weekend of accomplishment – congratulations! Still trying to figure out the jessicas on A Different View

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