Following up to Rosie and Sue C’s posts, I thought I’d comment on mine.  I was going to pick my own threads or use stash, but time got away from me and I figured out I wasn’t going to get my threads and canvas purchased in time for the May gathering.  So going against my norm, I decided to do the Koral Kiss colorway as is – canvas and threads!  Of course by the time I ordered and got my canvas and threads, I only had time to mount the canvas on the stretcher bars before Saturday.  I LOVE the color of my canvas!  I was surprised with the colors of my threads so I’m curious to see how they’ll work out.

Even using the defined colorway, I had to decide whether I was going to cut the overdye used for the octagon outlines by aligning the colors or just cut randomly; I went with the random!!  Once I started the first octagon outline, I got 3/4 done when I realized I’d made a counting mistake and had to rip it all out!  Fortunately, I could learn from how others proceeded with their borders once I get to that.  I’m looking forward to getting to the octagons which look full of fun and interesting stitches.

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