Stocking is Finished!


I finally finished the Christmas stocking for my daughter-in-law.  Since I couldn’t be at tonight’s meeting and I hope to finish it and give it to her before the December meeting, I figured I’d post a picture.  

Overall it came out with the effect I was looking for.   I’m not in love with the sky although it was the exact effect I was looking for!  Sue C came up with a few suggestions (what would we do without our friends who share their thoughts and opinions?!!).  The one suggestion I loved was to attach snowflake buttons, especially where the color changes to take away from the linear effect I don’t like.  I bought some cute snowflake buttons that are perfect and will put them on once it is blocked.  This was definitely a fun piece to do but now I need one like Frankie where I don’t have to decide on fibers or stitches!



As you can see, it’s now on the blocking board (yes, I block right-side down!).  I’ve had to block it twice so far and it looks like it will need at least a 3rd round.  I don’t know if it’s because of the size or the canvas – it’s interwoven, not mono.  I’m hoping this  next round will finish it.  I haven’t blocked in a number of years so there’s also that!



Finishing will be next.  I have white with gold flecks for the lining.  For the backing I’m debating between dark green, white, and a blue to match the sky.  I’ll probably have to play with it a bit to make the final decision once it’s blocked and off the board.

I will take pictures of the finished product to show.  I’m really hoping she likes it.

Happy Stitching!


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  1. Diane —

    It is fabulous! My favorite special touch is the bit of sunset in the sky! But all of it is wonderful and reminds me of growing up in the country! Christina will be awe-struck with such a beautiful handmade gift!


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