San Bernadino ANG


After a wonderful weekend at Lake Arrowhead at Rosie's brother's “cabin” with no stitching, but total relaxation with good food, clean air, cool nighttime temperatures, and lots of reading, Rosie and I went to a meeting of our west coast chapter, SBANG, last night.

For those of you who are long distance members as we are, you know that at each meeting there are three door prizes to be won. You guessed it, I won AGAIN!

Tropical Santas on perforated paper

How appropriate for Southern California. Now who should I stitch them for?

We were made to feel so welcome as we're the other out of towners who had come to seminar and stayed over for the meeting and another workshop. I think Rosie will be telling you about some ideas that they do which we might like to try at our chapter.

The program last night was a one day piece by east coaster, Sue Reed, called Journey.

Sue Reed's Design and Kit

In a little over an hour she fed us with many hints, went through the stitches and demonstrated several she thought important for,us to see in person. We all agreed that she is an excellent teacher. You would never know that she had taught a two day workshop on Sunday and Monday which followed the week long seminar with only Wednesday free of any teaching! She was patient and thorough! I asked her to sign my copy and she even took time to write a note. By this time of the morning, 7:30, she is now on her way home to Peabody, MA. This has been a great “journey” for me!



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