Last Day of I-Squared and Anaheim Seminar


Hi, Everyone —

I’m sitting here with the Arizona football game on ESPN Gamecast on my PC, so I am writing this blog post on my I-pad mini.  Six minutes left in the fourth quarter and NAU just blew a fabulous drive — so the score remains 28-0 U of A!  I hope Marisa is in the stands for this great game!  Oops — U of A’s new quarterback just ran 64 yards for another touchdown so it’s now 35-0!

So today we continued on I-squared and did some additional beading.  I find it hard to lay stitches next to beads that are already in place, so I only added beads when there was something unique about the particular application.

Last Day of I-Squared!

Last Day of I-Squared!

Nancy Cucci was a wonderful teacher — serious, helpful, and I learned a lot from her.  I would highly recommend her classes to any of our NJNA members!  Today we received a wonderful participation “gift” — a wooden seashell shaped thread holder!

I thought you might enjoy seeing this needlework tote that Nancy received as a gift from one of her friends.

Nancy's Custom Tote

Nancy’s Custom Tote

This wonderful tote starts out as a tool carrier in plain canvas from Harbor Freight.  Her friend then used acrylic paint to paint the background rectangles and a paint pen to decorate the background.  This has so many compartments, handles, etc.  I think this would make a wonderful chapter project.  BTW, I also learned how to make a foam board carrier for in-process needlepoint.  Another potential chapter project!

I understand that it made the national news, but yesterday there was a freak storm in Riverside where my Mom lives.  There were high winds and rain (100 year storm levels) for about twenty minutes.  Mom was without power or phone for a long while afterwards.  The weird thing is that NONE of the towns around Riverside got any rain at all.    My brother says that “WE” have chores to do before we can go to the mountains tomorrow!

Hopefully Sue wrote about our banquet tonight — there was a terrific presentation to get us all psyched about Chicago in 2014!



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