First Day of “I-Squared”


Hi, Everyone!

So, today was the day that I started my second class, “Irresistible Irridescents” or “I-squared” as I affectionately call it!

This beaded design is taught by Nancy Cucci who lives a few miles from Anaheim and is a wonderful teacher.  To start off, because she could use her car to get her kits to us, she provided them in these lovely boxes.

Kit Presentation for I-Squared!

Kit Presentation for I-Squared!

In addition to threads and needles, the kit includes about fifteen different types of beads, a triangular beading dish, and a heart shaped dark chocolate See’s candy heart!  What a fabulous kit presentation — and there is enough space to store my thread heaven, my Tacky Bob, and my laying tool!  Wonderful!

I am doing the green colorway, a few in our class are doing blue, and one is doing grey.  One rogue stitcher is doing a purple/lilac colorway.  The beads are all clear, so they pick up whatever color canvas and thread are being used.  I still want mine to be in salmon!  Some of the beads are very special antique beads.

I-Squared Progress at End of Day One!

I-Squared Progress at End of Day One!

Seeing this piece in person is soooooo much better than the picture in the Seminar Brochure.

Tonight I went to the Expo — very interesting displays of gadgets and projects.  I bought a needle threader minder and a lovely necklace!

Expo Purchases!

Expo Purchases!



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