Wool and Grace in Summit


In July I went to Penzie’s Spice in Summit to pick up some spices and browse in one of my favorite shops. Since I was in Summit, I de died to check out the relatively new shop, Wool and Grace, a knitting and needlepoint shop. The shop is attractive when you walk in with a variety of yarns on display. When I asked to see the needlepoint, I was led to a smaller alcove with a few canvases (maybe 25-30) and an even smaller collection of ornament canvases. The needlepoint threads were limited to DMC perle cotton skeins. I was disappointed.

But not disappointed with my visit to Summit! There are a variety of inviting shops from clothing to toys to home accessories and the spice shop. There are two shoe stores that were there when I graduated from college many years ago! There is even a parking lot where the first hour is free. So I recommend a stop in Summit but not to Wool and Grace for needlepoint.


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