A Royal Stash


Hi, Everyone —

I promise to stop posting my boring travel photos, but since we have had “Organizing our Stashes” as a topic this year, I just had to share a few more pictures. I had to conclude that needlepoint was big in royal circles — they had the most beautiful and practical storage for stashes!

I'll store my Silk and Ivory Here!

Perhaps this will work for my silks?

Kreinik and Other Specials?



Seriously, some of these were three to a room….

You can see at least two here!

I don't think anyone would miss these pieces, do you? I think even I could be persuaded to organize with these cabinets as incentive! How about you?

Don't you wonder what they needed all of these for (if NOT needlepoint stashes?)?




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    • Hi, Melita —

      These pictures are from my recent trip to Scandinavia — these gorgeous desks/chests(?) were taken in the palaces in Sweden and Denmark. I think the first two were in Sweden and the last three in Denmark.

      You can read all about the trip on my personal blog: rosiesmidnightsun.wordpress.com

      But some parts were just too good to not share with my needlepoint chapter! You’ll notice frequent mentions in my personal blog!

      Hope to see you soon!



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