Scandinavian Borders and Geometrics


Hi, Everyone —

I thought I would take advantage of this rainy afternoon to show you some of my “needlepoint research” from Scandinavia!

So, my tour group probably thought I was nuts because I kept snapping pictures of ceilings and floors — but seriously these were awesome ideas for needlepoint. You can see if you agree!

A ceiling in Sweden

Another Ceiling in Sweden

This Ceiling was in Denmark!

Another one in Denmark!

Wouldn’t this make a beautiful canvas?

Love this Window in Edvard Greig’s Home

How about this Viking Prow?

Another Beautiful Ceiling

An Inlaid Table Top

Even More Ornate!

A Potential for Or Nue!

I have tons more, but you get the idea!

Cheers! Rosie

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  1. What a great idea to take pictures of what you might like to stitch sometime in the future. There were several here that tickled my fancy! Sue C.

  2. Love the idea of taking pictures for canvas ideas. Wouldn’t it be great to see if we can find someone to do a program next year on how to take a picture and convert it to a design either on canvas or as a chart? Diane

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