Mayan Madness!


Hi. Everyone —

Carol and I had an uneventful flight to Mexico and are enjoying stitching, swimming, and eating in the warm sunshine.  Our rooms are really beautiful and comfortable and have a total of eleven(!) beds!  (Plus two lounge chairs on the deck — overlooking the plunge pool where only our feet can plunge!)

Today we prepared for our week by hard boiling eggs, buying poptarts, making spa reservations, planning dinners, and, of course, stitching!  Carol is starting her stitching on St. Margaret’s Star in pink.



Hope we get to see your progress in Wednesday’s meeting summary.

Rosie is stitching the sample for our OrNue program in the fall.  Currently there are five meters of gold thread strung around our dining area!


Tonight we had a great Asian dinner (including sake for Rosie!) and our server took a picture of us toasting all of you.  The restaurant was called “Gong” and a guy we met while floating in the lazy river pool said that it was great but that our money would be Gong!


Wish you were here!

Rosie and Carol

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  1. Already you are both looking rested! You couldn’t have picked a better week weather wise to escape NJ. Look for pictures of our progress later this week!
    Sue C.

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