SOTM meets!


Many of our group was away this month for the first meeting of the SOTM, but Gwen, Linda and Sue C. did meet and stitch for about 4+ hours and a short break for lunch.  We got quite a bit done leaving us with the feeling that the assignment each month will not take too many of our stitching hours!  We found that Linda’s primary color family was exactly the same as Sue’s secondary color family.  It will be interesting to see the different role the same colors will take in each design.  Gwen and Sue have very similar main colors.    Sue found with the publishing of Lesson three that the Kreinik ribbon that she chose will not work well so it will be back to the needlepoint shop for her!  (No complaints were heard about that, however!)  I am afraid that our resident photographer is away this month so that you will need to wait until the meeting to see our progress.  We hope that more of you can join us at the April gathering on April 6th.

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  1. Thank you, Sue, for hosting us yesterday; we had a great time stitching. It is so motivating stitching with others. I look forward to seeing everyone next month.

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