Andalucia -Day Three


Today was filled with sweet and regretful feelings. I have finished my three day class with Joni Stevenson. I am eager to continue the canvas, but regret having to finish the class. She is not full of laughter, but she is serious and committed to quality stitching and to helping us achieve it. Joni calmly and thoroughly let us experience the piece, while also letting us learn by doing. She explained on the first day that she wanted to capture the cool Mediterranean and the hot arid landscape of Spain. I was awed by how the colors of warm and cool played off each other as well as contrasted each other in subtle application of stitches. I noted that there was a profusion of Scotch, Mosaic, and Cashmere stitches with overlays of colors and stitches. Joni indicated that she was capturing the tiles of Spain and that there needed to be a continuity of structure when including such varied colors. They may be known stitches but she combined them in new ways and combined them to create entirely new looks. It was a new look at established views. Today we started with the dowel embellishment that is attached to the piece, which I can not attach until I finish stitching the area under it. So I photographed the piece with the dowel on the side, yet to be attached. Joni went through the class patiently explaining the application to us in sets of two.

Andalucia Progress at End of Day 3!

After class I went to the silent auction and then went back to my room to pack what I didn’t need tonight and took a trip to my car, to make my departure tomorrow easier. Then the six of us from NJNA went out to a Mexican restaurant Carol recommended. They had great Margaritas so I was a happy camper. It was a fun mix of beginnings, middles, and ends. Carol and Robin had just arrived, Susan was teaching her class tomorrow, Sue and Rosie are moving on to new classes and I am heading home after my tour tomorrow. I don’t want to leave my sisterhood of stitchers, but I will pack my canvas as I head to Sanibel, FL. Thank you all for making these three days so fabulous!!!!

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