Vinyl coated Colors of Autumn


I started my two day class this morning. You can see from the picture that it involves shading. What we had this morning and for an hour this afternoon is the extent of the shading part. I am going to need some help when I get back! Then we colored two of the blocks. It took me longer than most as I have always had trouble staying within the lines! The vinyl is a new technique to me where the canvas is covered with a light weight sheet of vinyl to protect the sections that you are not working on and to protect the thread from catching on the canvas. Clever, huh? As you come to a square to stitch, you cut a door in the plastic.

Vinyl Coated Canvas with Painted Portions!

Stitching on a shaded, autumn leaf!

I went to a CyberPointers Connection this evening (talked Rosie and Marge Kelly into joining me for a while). It was nice to put a face to the names I have “seen” at meetings on the Internet!

More tomorrow! Sue

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    • Thanks for commenting, Nancy. Rosie and I were wondering if anyone is reading this! We are both enjoying ourselves greatly. Rosie can really see progress in her class and everyone wants to sign up for next year’s companion piece. (I think that is partly the piece and partly the teacher.).


  1. What an interesting concept – I’ve never seen the vinyl used that way. Will be interested to hear how you like working with it.

    • Since a didn’t cut a big enough door on the first block that I painted, I realize that need to be more aware of what you are doing.

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