Third Day on Asian Collage and Other Oddities!


Hi, Everyone —

Today was another fun-filled day at seminar.

My class continued to be  a great experience — being with Debbie is almost like being at a party!  But with stitching progress:

Asian Collage at End of Day 3!

I am absolutely loving both this piece and the class.  Only one more day to go — but I’m finally going to learn about double alternating Nobuko!

Speaking of class, at about 10:30 this morning, we had another fire alarm.  Apparently morning fire alarms are announced at 1 dB and midnight fire alarms at 150 dBs.  We didn’t have to evacuate and after about 5 minutes they announced that it was a drill.  (I can only surmise that something went wrong with the Marriott process on Saturday night!)  Even more twilight zone, we were talking about Saturday’s fire alarm in our class when today’s sounded.  It was almost like we conjured it up!

About an hour later, a friend of one of my classmates stopped in to say that her elderly room neighbor on the 23rd floor (a stranger to her) knocked on her door and said she was scared and she wanted someone to evacuate with her.  So, this lovely needlepointer walked this elderly woman down 23 flights of stairs!  Apparently they aren’t strangers anymore!

We continued the tradition of having lunch at the Reading Terminal Market.  My favorite is a booth called “Tea Leaf” which has about fifty kinds of loose tea.  I’ve been having Darjeeling which is my all time favorite!

My back was sore after stitching this afternoon, so I put on my swim suit and did my 45 minutes at the hotel pool.  It felt marvelous!

Sue was attending the Cyberpointer’s Meeting tonight since she is an active member of this virtual chapter.  They were trying to hit 400 members after tonight’s meeting!  This meeting went on until 9:00 PM, so I met Heidi and Anne Carol (a woman from St. Louis who is in my class) and we went across the street to Maggiones Little Italy for dinner.  We sat outside on their patio and had a lovely dinner.  This is Anne Carol’s tenth seminar.  She is a physician and she “calendars” seminar week a year in advance!

Anne Carol, Heidi, and Rosie at dinner on the patio!

We had hoped that Sue would join us for dinner, so we sat for a while and then had dessert!  What is vacation for, after all?

I came back to the room and found Sue diligently writing her post for tonight!  A number of additional folks from NJNA should be joining us tomorrow afternoon!

My Roomie — Helping with the Blog!

Good night all!  Cheers, Rosie

PS — You can click on these pictures for a larger version!

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