My Pre-Work for Seminar


My “pre-work” started on Monday. I had no stitching to do, just assembling all the supplies that Joni Stevenson requested for Andalucia. I went to get the letter she sent me and it was not where I thought it was. I spent the next two hours going through all my needlepoint piles on two levels of my house. No letter found. I am now in panic mode. I called the ANG in Madison Wisconsin and left a voice mail. Now in more panic, I called Karen Barras, Seminar Coordinator in Lexington, KY, who was ever so kind. She promised to help before she left Kentucky the next day to head to Philly. About four hours later, I got an email from Joni Stevenson with the missing letter attached. My thank you reply was so profuse, she probably is dreading having me in her class for three days. This misadventure did lead to me cleaning out and organizing many of my needlepoint supplies, and I even found my magnetic expandable needle finder, which I will bring with me to Philly.

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  1. WooHoo, Heidi!

    So glad to see that you were able to get a post into the blog! I edited your post solely to enter a “category” for the post! Perhaps you’ll be able to blog directly from your ipad!

    Note to other attendees — I have resent your invitations with author permissions so that you can enter directly to the blog! Please let me know if I left anyone out!

    Getting excited for Philadelphia. Rosie

  2. So glad things worked out for you, Heidi. Was checking out some restaurants I loved in Philadelphia – one old haunt is Copacabanabanana -best margaritas ever. Tuesday nites they have $7.95 tacos – all you can eat plus regular menu

    • Carol,
      Mexican cuisine is my favorite. I love Margaritas! I generally don’t drink alcohol on weeknights, but I’m considering the trip to Philly as vacation; then normal restraints don’t apply. I’m in for that night out. Thanks for your research.

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