Catching Up!


Hi Everyone —

I thoroughly enjoyed my day-off  yesterday.  I got in about two hours of stitching; two hours of volunteering at the exhibit; a long lunch in which I was able to catch-up with my good stitching friend, Ann Carol; a short swim to cool off, a quick circuit around Expo; pizza with jazz; and drinks with friends in the lobby bar!  So here is my current progress on American Plains.


The top yoke is almost done after my day-off!

As others have mentioned, the Pink and White ball made for excellent people watching last night.  Unfortunately the after ball parties resulted in a sleepless night for many of my needlepoint ladies!

Today I started a class with Jo Christensen — of the Needlepoint Book fame!  Jo is a funny, patient, and well able to hold the class’s interest.   The piece we are doing is called “Bunnies on Lavender Lane” and Jo’s main focus is to teach us four different kinds of stumpwork.   This requires a level of patience, artistic ability, and dexterity that I fear is beyond me.  Here’s my progress at the end of Day 1.


Bunnies on Lavender Lane — Day 1

So as you can see, I have one of six bunny bodies attached and one of twelve hosta leaves completed.  And I learned A LOT!  Because Jo stitched most of the bunny body for me as a sample, I have homework to stitch a second bunny after the banquet tonight!

Cheers, Rosie



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