And You Thought You Could Dance…


Hi Everyone —

Sue C and I spent the day sightseeing (and riding the METRO) in DC today.  We started out at the National Museum of the American Indian.  I wrote about the awesome Inka Road engineering in my other blog, but I saved the BEST for this blog.


An Embroidered Collar

All of these are beaded!

IMG_4588 (2)

The US Flag done entirely in seed beads.  If you look closely, you will see the names of all the American Indian nations beaded into the white stripes using matte beads instead of shiny ones.  And note the quotations in the blue field.

A display of parrot feathers on the left and a tunic where the cloth is made of feathers on the right.

So — if you have a free day at seminar — this museum offers a wonderful array of stitching and other American Indian arts.

Cheers, Rosie

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