EGA Regional Seminar: Fire and Ice


Hi Everyone —

Several of our NJNA members participated in the EGA Metropolitan Regional Seminar in Florham Park this weekend.  Following our arrival on Friday afternoon, shopping in a wonderful boutique provided by Needleworker’s Delight, and  taking our chances on about fifteen beautiful opportunity baskets, we settled down to two days of concentrated stitching.

I’ll let others report for themselves, but Diane, Barbara L, Jill, and I were all enrolled in “Fire ad Ice” taught by Toni Gerdes.  This is about my fifth Toni class, so I knew it would be a wonderful class.


Toni’s original Fire and Ice

Here’s my progress at the end of the weekend:

IMG_1123 (2)

Rosie’s Weekend Progress

I hope that I’ll be able to find some time to continue to work on this beautiful piece.  I am even more interested now that I know the inspiration behind the project.  This beautiful building in Kansas is an annex to the Metropolitan Museum of Natural History in NYC.

IMG_1120 (2)

Prairie Fire Museum

The architect used the red dichroic glass to simulate fire, and Toni found her inspiration for this lovely needlepoint piece.  Can you see it?

Just imagine being able to create a piece based on this beautiful building and then being able to teach it to the multitudes!  Color me impressed!

Keep on stitching!


PS — I “won” one of those opportunity baskets!

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  1. I agree with Rosie. The class was wonderful. The photographs don’t do justice to how beautiful the design is. I highly recommend taking a Toni Gerdes class.

  2. Yours is looking good. You got a lot done. But, you didn’t start the middle flame! Most of the folks in our class seemed reluctant to just dive in. We wanted time to think. Toni did interpret the building in needlepoint beautifully. Her instructions are fantastic. And, she’s a great teacher. I too look forward to getting time to work on it again. Not enough hours in a day. Congrats on winning a basket!

    • Thanks, Melita! I THOUGHT about the middle flame and decided that I wanted to look at some of the stitches from Ro Pace’s Atlantis Rising and try to apply them in this section. So, I’ll check back in about it when I get my next stretch of stitching time — in about two months!

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