Seminar tidbits and Day 1and 2 of Copper Line with Sue Reed


I took a look at the classes being offered next year at New Orleans and there are some good ones. I had hoped I would find only a couple of classes that I liked and could spend more time working on finishing one project instead of sharing the time among several projects. Maybe that will come sometime in the future, but not next year! There are some really good classes with some excellent teachers.

Yesterday was the first day of my first choice for the whole seminar, Copper Line with Sue Reed from Peabody, MA. I had taken a short 1/2 day program with her right after the seminar in Anaheim at the San Bernadino chapter meeting. I knew then that if I saw a class of hers I really liked, I would take it as she is an excellent teacher. She has the patience needed to spend time with someone who is having difficulty doing a stitch until they can do it on their own. This is an encore class first done about ten years ago. I was able to get in the class because someone dropped out and my name was at the top of the waiting list.

Day one

I obviously did not post last night so to continue with the class, day two was another good day with Sue Reed. It is often amazing the little tidbits you pick up from a teacher as well as new stitches. One of the things I learned today about Smyrna stitches is that the placement of the top stitch depends in part on its location. If you have a row of Smyrnas the horizontal line is enhanced if the top stitch is placed horizontally as well. In a column it is better to have the top stitch vertical. Who knew?

A pretty stitch we did today was a scotch stitched with several tied stitches in it. The ties were a metallic adding a bit of bling or sparkle to the section. For some reason the photo becomes distorted when I try to insert it so I will leave it out.



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