St. Simons Island


Hi Everyone —

Last weekend I had the privilege to stay with friends on the beautiful Georgia island of St. Simon’s. On our way to sightseeing on Friday morning, we passed a shop that just called out to me.

The Stitchery on St. Simon's Island

The Stitchery on St. Simon’s Island.

The store was lovely and inviting on the outside.  The owner was off and so I wasn’t able to take a picture on the inside.  The stock was mostly yarn for knitting, but there were a number of painted canvasses.  I asked about stitch guides and was told that I was supposed to do those myself!  I found one needlepoint of the lighthouse on St. Simon’s, but that appeared to be the only local interest canvas — so I bought it!

St. Simons Island Lighthouse

St. Simon’s Island Lighthouse!

What do you think?  I thought it was pretty realistic.

St. Simon's Lighthouse -- the real deal!

St. Simon’s Lighthouse — the real deal!

My recommendation for stitchers going to SSI?  BYOS — Bring your own stash!



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