A Trip to Needleworker’s Delight


I went to a lecture/demonstration at Needleworker's Delight in Colonia yesterday. Dawn Boisvert of A Sweet Stitch showed us seven different ways to showcase cross stitch pieces, most based on a flat ornament. Then she demonstrated how to mount a flat ornament. Dawn shared with us the specifics on the glue, mat board, tools she uses and the how's of these finishes. There were about seven of us attending with two or three who have done there own finishing in the past while the others have had others do their finishes. At the end those of us who have done this in the past felt that we had learned things we can put to good use while those who have not decided that it was worthwhile to have Dawn or another professional continue to do their finishes! It was a great way to spend several hours. I know that there are several techniques I plan to use when I need to finish my Christmas ornaments this year. After the positive reaction of the group attending, I believe that there will be more lecture/demonstrations in the future.

I go to Needleworker's Delight about every two or three months, and every time I go, more things have been added. This was the first time I saw the room that they use for workshops or for the Stitch-A-Long sessions that they offer. It is well lit and has both chairs set at tables as well as upholstered chairs for stitching. There are more threads being added as well. This time I saw Treenway Silks, Planet Earth's Pepperpot silk, Dinky Dyes floss and wool/silk. There were several Designer Showcases as well. My eye was drawn immediately to Threedles Needleart Design. There is a sample of A Different View as well as other designs by Kurdy Biggs. One was a handbag with one of the smaller designs set into the flap of the handbag as well as another small piece set into the front of a pouch. These will be on display until the end of June and well worth a visit.

You can learn more about what is going on there by going to their website (www.needleworkersdelight.com) and clicking on the events link. You can learn more about Dawn Boisvert and her finishing business by going to her website asweetstitch.com. Dawn works only with fabric, not canvas.

Sue C.

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  1. Glad you enjoyed the class & learned something. I can see why you’d go every couple of months. They have only been open a year & are probably trying to figure out what sells. Thanks for sharing. Melita

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