Good by, Phoenix and Seminar 2014!


The last day of the last class and soooo much learned this week as well as new friends met and enjoyed. Ironically, I rarely saw NJ people while I was here, but several new friends I bumped into time and again! Hope to see them again at one of the seminars!

Today's class on Jasper had us working on boxes in the middle column as well as the one on the right. This is the third class that I have taken this year where the design lent itself to learning new stitches. These seemed to be sampler classes where the stitches were incorporated into the design, for instance the map of the United Stares, the High Country Winter taken earlier this seminar as well as Jasper, the current class. There have not been many repeats of stitches which I find pretty amazing.

When class was over today, one woman said that one important thing that she learned was how to compensate

along an oblique angle which we did in several boxes that were sectioned by a large page X in the middle. I had not thought about that, but I struggled enough in the beginning to agree that we DID learn how to do that these past two days. This is a project that I look forward to completing including putting the jasper on the backgrounds.

Jasper, Day 2


The banquet tonight ended a good week with a beautiful favor made for EGA Seminar by Puffin &Company, the magnet people. It is a magnetic scissor keeper of a dream catcher with EGA 2014 on it. There is also a cord for the scissors and two counting pins. It is awesome! It is so useful! It will bring back many good memories.

Banquet Favor

After a visit with Rosie's mom, we will be back to NJ and stitching on our pieces.



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  1. Counting pins are what I definitely need, Heidi! They are used to help with accurate counting on your canvas or linen. It has a head that is attached to the end of a tapestry needle. The colors are so soothing that I think they would appeal to most although it may not fit in one’s decor.

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