Angels among us


Now it is my turn to be an angel for Toni Gerdes! She is very easy to be an angel for. Aside from passing out the kits as students arrived, I have had to call for an extra chair and more paper towels. Not bad for the beautiful pin I am wearing as well as the angel magnet Toni gave me which is on my canvas.

As Rosie said, we are both in Toni's class today and tomorrow stitching Jasper. Just looking at the colors used, you might not think that the piece had any life to it, but the variety of stitches and the different textures and shades of the threads definitely bring it to life. I learned the hard way today how not to open a skein of Soy Lustre and with the second skein we opened, I learned how to do it correctly. I have about a two hour job ahead of me untangling the first skein! (And I was being so careful!). The other thread that is a bit difficult to manage is the Edmar bouclê.

Soy Lustre, 1, Soy Lustre 2 and Bouclê

This is the time when you can see just how fast (and accomplished) a stitcher Rosie is when you compare the day's output on our two canvases. But I remind myself that this is not a competition. I am having a good time and feel good about what I was able to do today, even if it was only to learn how to open the Soy Lustre! My favorite stitch so far is the Double Dutch stitch which can be found in the large rectangle on the left side. There will be a color change in the threads as I progress down the block, and this will also be a rectangle where some of the leopard and autumn jasper beads will be attached.

Note the angel pin and Double Dutch


Only one more day of class. I am ready for a stitching retreat so that I can work on some of these pieces. Or maybe all I need is to set up some stitching dates for some of us who have unfinished pieces to gather and STITCH!



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  1. Sue – I agree with you about Boucle´. I used it on my DIL’s stocking for the road and while I loved the look, I hated stitching with it! I’m curious to hear about how to and not to open the Soy Lustre. It looks like we’ve got lots of new stitch ideas for our stitch notebooks!

  2. Sue, I admire you for sticking with opening the soy lustre. I would have been in tears, and so flummoxed that I wouldn’t have made any progress in stitching.

    • Most definitely you can get a lesson in opening the Soy Lustre! It is a beautiful thread to work with. I think that it is so tightly twisted in the hank to make sure that the twist of the thread stays tight. I cannot think they twist it in the hank to frustrate stitchers!

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