A day away from stitching


Tour day! Rosie and I went on the same tour today with the high point being the tour of Frank Lloyd Wright's Taliesin West, an architectural school that is still operating today. He purchased the land in 1937 and began the place and program as a camp. The early buildings had canvas roofs which were rolled up every spring when the school returned to Spring Green, Wisconsin, and Taliesin East. The tour guide was excellent describing the history, the philosophy of FLW and his approach to architecture and the environment. Maybe these photos will give you an idea of the setting.

Building blocks formed from rocks, pebbles and a minimum concrete


He was very interested in Asian art. He acquired a number of Chinese friezes but they were broken into pieces. He had some of his students reassemble them. They can be found all over the property.

Chinese artwork


Shortly after his death, the third Mrs. Wright received this fountain dragon. After placing him in several locations on the property spouting water, she moved him to his current location. She decided that a dragon does not spout water, but breathes fire! Now it is hooked up to a gas line and during events the dragon breathes a flame of fire lighting up the area.

Fire Breathing Dragon

After the ninety minute tour, we returned to the gift shop which had a number of beautiful things such as these stand glass pieces.

Gift Shop Oieces

This stop was definitely the best of the day!



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    • I did not look closely at it, Robin, but I think it was not real stained glass but coloring on the surface of the glass or lucite. I do not see any leading on it just dark lines. Either way, the light coming through it is beautiful.

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