Navajo Blanket


Hi, Everyone —

I really don’t have much to blog about today.  Sue and I found a terrific fresh deli across the street and after having a wonderful lunch, we ordered salads for dinner so that we could eat quickly before merchandise night at EGA.  Plus, we discovered a creamery on site and wanted to try the ice cream before it closed at 7:00 PM.  So now we are sated and awaiting the opening of merchandise night!

“Navajo Blanket” class ended today, but I am pleased to have another class with this teacher later in the week.

Navajo Blanket comes to an end.

Navajo Blanket comes to an end.

Tomorrow Sue and I will tour Frank Lloyd Wright’s home at Taliesin West.  I’ve been looking forward to this since I heard that the EGA seminar would be in Phoenix!

Cheers,  Rosie

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  1. Wow, Rosie, this is really gorgeous. I particularly like the multicolored chevrons and how they start as crosses, but turn into chevrons as you move along. Very cool!

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