Navajo Blanket


Hi, Everyone —

Today I started my “Navajo Blanket” class with Toni Gerdes.  This was my favorite offering at this year’s EGA seminar and I am happy to say that it did not disappoint!  Toni is a wonderful teacher and I’ve already learned about new threads and stitches!

Virtually the entire piece is stitched in wool.  I love stitching in wool.  The amazing thing is that a thread that I have seen many times and maligned many times is used in this design:  Lorikeet by Gloriana.  It is amazing and beautiful.  I always thought that it must be designed for 6 count canvas — but no — it is a 9-strand wool with a very rich, subtle color variation.  So two strands are gorgeous on Congress Cloth.  Wait until you see it in person!

Navajo Blanket -- End of Day 1

Navajo Blanket — End of Day 1

As you probably know from my prior posts, I am the angel for this class and I warned everyone that I would likely be a slacker angel.  Still, Toni presented me with this lovely needle minder as an angel gift!  I’ll be using it tomorrow!

Angel Needle Minder

Angel Needle Minder

Sue and I had a lovely dinner at an Italian restaurant that is a short walk from the hotel.  All we can say is that “It’s not Chicago!”.

All is well.  Happy Stitching!

Cheers, Rosie

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  1. It’s amazing how different Sue’s and your canvases are, but both stunning. I love the thick red band at the top. Can’t wait to see it for real. Happy Stitching to you!

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