A Stop at Quail Run


I arrived today in Phoenix and met Rosie and Harold at the airport just before Harold was getting ready to leave for Salt Lake City. After lunch, Rosie and I decided to go to one of the needlepoint stores we had on our list, Quail Run in Scottsdale. This is the shop where Linda M. had ordered Serengeti for a group of NJNA gals. Since they are planning on starting this as a group project in the coming year, I couldn’t be left out and knew that I had to pick up the directions and kit which I did. The shop is lovely, large, with many, many samples stitched, finished or framed and displayed well.

A Wall of Threads

And a few of the standing displays. Rosie is looking at a stitched ornament that she liked and you can see more stitched pieces.

Threads, Painted Canvases and Finished Pieces

The sales woman who assembled the Serengeti kit for me, told us that one customer did not frame her piece or make it into a pillow, but had a customer acrylic tray made for it. We saw some of the acrylic pieces there and thought they might be the answer for some pieces.

Custom sized tray with removable stitched piece

Or a stitched piece can go in the side of a box.

Another Acrylic Piece

There were some accessories such as magnets and laying tools that were both beautiful and unique at this shop as well. As you know, we are always on the look out for a design that might have universal appeal to our SOTM crew. Here we saw some kimonos designed by Julie Sackett that had both similarities as well as uniqueness that we will put in the pool of selections for a coming year. Rosie did get permission to take pictures. Yes, this was a successful stop for us today with things to purchase and wonderful help from Susan. Do you want to see what you might find that you cannot do without? The link to the shop’s website is on the NJNA website. Swing over and check it out!

Ready for a new day! Sue


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    • NJNA is planning to begin after the first of the year. Aside from me, everyone else has had their kit and directions since last spring.

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