All Good Things Must Come to an End!


Hi Everyone —

I thoroughly enjoyed my second day of “Spirit” by Sue Reed.  Sue is so wonderful at giving us all of her accumulated knowledge of needlepoint.  I was watching her make a knot by wrapping the thread around the needle, so I asked her to teach me how to do this knot, which I now know is called a quilters knot.  Worth the price of admission!

It was quite interesting to see how each of us chose to stitch “Spirit”.  I chose to stitch the areas that I wouldn’t remember the special little hints for:

"Spirit" -- End of Seminar!

“Spirit” — End of Seminar!

So last night I took out the color matching threads since one of them had split.  They are now ready to go back into the piece.  So….imagine my surprise to find that IF I had put them in, I would not have been able to put in the Kreinik “X” segments without a lot of bother.  So, it’s all good!

So after all week of trying to go to the Purple Pig, we decided that lunch today was our last option.  So four of us checked it out and had a delicious lunch of fried olives stuffed with chorizo, fried deviled egg with capers and cornichons, roasted cauliflower (my favorite), braesola, English cheddar cheese, shaved squash summer salad with pickled blueberries and roasted hazelnuts, and a ham and cheese panini!  YUMMY!


Cheese, Swine, and Wine!

Tonight was the closing banquet which was a bit of a let down.  We had the same meat (chicken) as our Sunday banquet but with a different sauce.  The dessert rated an A+ with mini cheesecake, chocolate torte, and a few other chocolate treats!  We were excited to learn that the seminar after Myrtle Beach would be New Orleans, but deflated to hear that the year after that we would be returning to Anaheim.

Right now I have to get back to the first Arizona football game of the season.  I’m keeping an eye out for Marisa and the piccolos!



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  1. I’m delighted to know that some of our group got to the Purple Pig. It sounds like delicious food. I have so enjoyed keeping up with the rest of the bloggers now that I am home. Isn’t Sue Reed a wonderful teacher? Save travels home for you all!

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