Not Your Grandmother’s Needlepoint!


Hi, Everyone!

Wednesday at seminar is tour day and we woke to this glorious sunrise and the first clear, sunny day of the week!

Good Morning!  Good Morning!

Good Morning! Good Morning!

Since my ANG tour was cancelled, Sue and I decided to have some fun in Chicago.  First up….

The Lakefront Segway Tour!

The Lakefront Segway Tour!

We rode for about two hours and made our way from the Navy Pier area to the Shedd Aquarium and Soldier Stadium!

Chicago Skyline from Shedd Aquarium!

Chicago Skyline from Shedd Aquarium!

And lest you think I was getting too cocky with my “no hands” pose, let me just say that this “balancing” helped keep my Segway from moving.  Otherwise, I apparently am much too fidgety!

For Marisa!

For Marisa!  Sculpture in the Park!

Our Segway tour guide, Joe, is an aspiring actor waiting for his break and we had a BLAST!  Now we are wondering which muscles will hurt the most tomorrow!

After lunch, we boarded a Wendella boat for a Architecture River and Lake Cruise.  While you are on the river, the very tall buildings feel like canyon walls with one unique building after another.  We owe Meg a debt of gratitude for recommending that we take the boat tour that went through the locks and onto Lake Michigan.  The Chicago Skyline views from the lake were dramatic.  From the lake we also got great views of:

The Chicago Lighthouse!

The Chicago Lighthouse!

The Navy Pier!

The Navy Pier!

and — wait for it —

Building 1, and

Building 1, and

Buildings 2, 3, 4, and 5 from "Chicago Blues!"

Buildings 2, 3, 4, and 5 from “Chicago Blues!”

I think you can see that we had beautiful weather and although I took 120 pictures, I tried to curb my enthusiasm in this post!

Expo tonight!

Cheers, Rosie



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