Geometric Butterfly Angel!


Hi, Everyone —

I’ll start by issuing a retraction on my post from yesterday.  Betsy Devonshire’s sister is murdered, not her Mother.  Thanks to Dee for the correction — I guess my listening ears weren’t tuned in well.

So today I started my second seminar class, Geometric Butterfly.  This beautiful Frank Lloyd Wright inspired design by Toni Gerdes appears deceptively easy, but so far I have learned tricks for straight stitching, starting and ending threads, and color shading.  We had a lot of stitching time and so I was able to make amazing progress.

Geometric Butterfly -- End of Day One!

Geometric Butterfly — End of Day One!

My duties as the class angel are to take attendance, to fill out forms for missing people so that they can get their kits sent to them, to hand out evaluation forms on day two, and to turn in the evaluation forms to the SFC (Seminar Faculty Committee) at the end of class.

Exciting news today — I won a door prize!

A Little Zippered Case to Hold and Protect my Laying Tools (from Bella)

A Little Zippered Case to Hold and Protect my Laying Tools (from my wood chewing granddog, Bella)

Carol, Diane, and I ate dinner at Benny’s, a steakhouse about two blocks from the hotel and recommended by the concierge.  In addition to a delicious Steak Tartare, I had a deconstructed, grilled Caesar Salad.

Love those Little Fishes!

Love those Little Fishes!

After dinner, Diane and I decided to take a gander around EATALY, an Italian superstore.  EATALY covers two floors and contains multiple restaurants, a green grocer, a book store, a nutella boutique, books, , olive oil, pastas, a gelato stand, and wine!


Beautifully stocked shelves full of imported food stuffs!


Did I mention wine???

I had a yummy salted caramel gelato to sustain me on my one-block walk back to the hotel!

Finally, compliments of Meg, a look at our blog stats for the past few days!  Congratulations NJNA!

Two Days -- Over 1000 views!

Two Days — Over 1000 views!

Cheers, Rosie

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