Chicago Blues!


Hi, Everyone —

Before Meg can get the idea that I’ll be woeing through this post, I need to say that “Chicago Blues” is the name of the project I am doing today and tomorrow and not my state of mind!

I didn’t make a blog post last night because I wanted to focus on getting the Meeting Summary out from Wednesday’s NJNA monthly meeting.  The notes went out just before classes started this morning and new blog followers can check it out by clicking the link.

Chicago Blues is being taught by the designer, Joni Stevenson.  I saw the finished canvas on display in Anaheim and I knew that this would be my first choice piece for Chicago.

The threads in this kit are more beautiful that you can imagine.  We got 20 inches of the most wonderful knitting yarn called Dune and 10 inches of a French scallop ribbon in sorbet!  Plus several colors of Kreinik and two colors of Bijoux to give the canvas lots of bling power!  We also have organza and denim and sequins, so just WOW!

Now I have to admit that the class started on a low point — ironing!  Not one of my finer domestic skills….

But then we started stitching and voila!

Chicago Blues -- Day 1

Chicago Blues — Day 1

Sue, Jill, Carol, and I walked about a block from the hotel to the “Corner Bakery Cafe” for lunch.  It was fabulous — all fresh baked bread, homemade soup and lovely sandwiches.  Panera but better!

Carol and I did about 45 minutes of aquacise after class and it worked wonders at stretching those stitching kinks out of our backs!

For dinner, the four of us from lunch walked to an Italian cafe called Quartino’s where we sat outside and had a ringside seat to all the bachelorette, birthday, and other miscellaneous Saturday night celebrations.  What fun!  Jill has the picture so I am counting on her to post it for you.

Cheers!  Rosie

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  1. Good job not woeing, Mom! Let me know if you make it to Frontera and how it is! Brian asks, did you ride the el yet?!?

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