Woodlawn and more


Didn’t Rosie inspire you to want to exhibit in Woodlawn as well as come to see the exhibit next year?  As you can tell, we not only had a great time but also spent time talking about how we could support this great exhibit.  All those projects waiting in the wings sent me home inspired to spend more time stitching!  When we returned to the motel yesterday afternoon, we took our stitching down to the clean breakfast area where the seating and lighting were better than the room.  Rosie was working on Tuscan Midnight which drew a great deal of attention from anyone walking through.  One man even wanted to buy it unfinished!  We went into Arlington via the Metro to meet two of Rosie’s friends for dinner.  Spring is coming; we saw cherry trees in bloom and magnolia buds ready to burst open, even while there was still snow from Tuesday on some shrubs!

When we left today we stopped first at In Stitches which is very close to Woodlawn.  I needed to get a boo boo stick to remove the light yellow fuzz from my dark green canvas for my ort box.  They did carry it so I can clean up my frog stitch area tonight.  From there we headed to “Needes and Threads of Ruxton” with Garmin directing the way…through downtown Baltimore.  We got there at lunch time and asked for a lunch suggestion before shopping.  Judy, the owner, said that with the road leading to restaurants  was closed for construction, she recommended that we pick up sandwiches at the small market in the strip mall where they were located and to come back there to eat!  The grocery store, Graul’s, was a true find!  We both loved our grilled sandwiches and found other goodies to purchase as well.  We did eat at the shop, scrubbed our hands and shopped.  This shop sells many beautiful painted canvases and some wonderful threads as well.  One of the nice things is that the small shop is bright so that seeing the colors is not difficult at all and threads are easy to locate.  Another nice thing is the friendliness of the staff.  This is a place I would love to stop in again.

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