Zebra! Day Three


The first hour of class today, as on Tuesday, is spent stitching on areas where we feel we need to work. For instance, this morning I knew that I needed to get the rump done in order to be able to attach the tail tomorrow and the head near the ear to fill in the ear with turkey work this afternoon. After an hour, Gail gave us directions on the white in the rump and how long to make or not make the satin stitches and why.

Untrimmed Turkey Work in Ear

Zelda's ear now looks like she needs a good trimming! I haven't finished the ear yet and will put it on my list to address first thing tomorrow when I get to class. After lunch we began the sky, a simple stitch that I finally got right on try number five! We are using Accentuate, one thread. Accentuate is a filament with very little to see, but it does glisten nicely. The pattern darning is over six under one, over six under one. Once you have gone out as far as you wish, you drop down one channel, go back or forward two vertical threads and head back. You “should” end up in the same relative position to the sun as where you started, “Should” being the operative word. Finally on try five I did! My problem was that it was hard to see the thread I was using and even harder to see where it came up and went down which resulted in poor counting. I hope that at home that part will be easier. I do understand what I should be doing.

I signed up for classes at the seminar next year in Phoenix. Three classes, am I crazy? They do have a number of nice canvas/congress cloth pieces which I find easier to work now and they are great designs. So my goal before then will be to finish the seminar pieces from this year at both seminars, a total of three. Since I enjoyed all of them, I expect that I will complete them.

One of the things that Rosie and I have both enjoyed at this seminar has been sharing meals with a variety of members from the Metropolitan region. Tonight's dinner included friends we have met from Long Island, Brooklyn, Paramus, Freehold, New Windsor, NY, Morristown and Mendham. It was a dinner of excellent food, many laughs and stories.

It hardly seems possible that tomorrow is the last day of seminar and we will soon be returning to our real lives!



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