Louisville Slugger factory and Louisville Stoneware factory


I began my day with a tour of the Louisville Slugger Factory which is nearby the hotel. It was not hard to find!

Entrance on Main St.

It was fascinating, especially for a lonnnng time baseball fan and a former science teacher. They still have an employee who can “turn” a bat by hand, but unless there is a special request all bats are made with the help of high speed tools and computers set for the specifications of each player. The company even owns the forests from which they harvest the trees!

The tour I went on in the afternoon included a stop at the Louisville Stoneware factory which was led by a very enthusiastic young woman who explained the entire process as she led us through the factory.

A Special Order

From the shaping to the paraffin placed on the bottom of each piece to the painting to the glazing by an air brush to the firing, we went through the whole process. Then we had a chance to shop in the store attached.

Cute Pumpkins!

We continued on the a glassworks place where we were able to see glass blowing but I was more impressed with the museum type pieces on display in the gallery!

Winnie the Pooh 8-10

I got back in time to walk to the park we can see from the window by the elevators and along the river. The park is over I-64 between the hotel and the Muhammed Ali Center and has statues of George Roger Clark who first settled Louisville and York the slave who accompanied Lewis and Clark on their expedition to the Pacific.

York with our hotel in background

Today was a good break from the routine! Tomorrow I will be ready to dive back into Zebra! Sue

(Hopefully, this will be posted only once!)


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  1. Bill bought a bat from there & we had not found out that tidbit about the large bat outside being functional. Very interesting. Looks like the weather has been great for your visit. Thanks for sharing your day! Melita

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