Sun Shines on the Zebra


I am afraid that this will be a dull and short post as there is not much to report. Today in my zebra class we added white to the face, worked on the florentine ground and began the sun. Gale, our teacher is very specific as to what she wants us to work on so she can make sure we understand the things that could lead to problems. I am enjoying her class and find her directions and diagrams clear.

Day 2

Tonight was Merchandise Night. Rosie and I talked at dinner tonight about the differences between the merchandise sales for the two different seminars which Rosie plans to report.

At dinner Rosie also mentioned how EGA members seemed to know so many more attendees than you see among attendees at ANG seminars. Since EGA has more input from local level to the region level and since the region does so much more related to individual chapters you can see how that happens. It is interesting to see how the two are so different in their organizations. Another major difference in the seminars became very clear today when a woman in my class (also a friend of mine) was hit by a car while she was crossing the street with the walk light while she was in her electric scooter. Where ANG has a security man who would give the support needed and make sure that what should be done was done, Dorna had to rely on friends with her and the police who reported to the scene. Fortunately, she was not injured but jolted badly and bruised.

I did find things that I could not live without at the merchandise night. Now if we have a blizzard that keeps me in the house with power I will have lots to work on. But tell me how can I resist a small Kathy Rees piece that I can take with me on my trip to Colorado next week? Sue

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  1. Sue – the zebra looks great. Although it sounds like Dorna is ok, it is just awful that such a thing would happen. Please let her know I am concerned for her

  2. Sue – I think I’d be frustrated with Gale’s approach structuring how you work but the zebra is turning out beautiful. I wish I could help you resist the Kathy Rees piece but I’m an enabler and say “go for it”!!

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