Extensive Prework


Hi, Everyone —

It has been very exciting for me to see the increasing number of posts and posters on this NJNA blog!  It is rewarding to know that this blog is being used to share our member’s needlework and needlepoint adventures with the rest of the group!  Do you know that we have 300 followers??  WOW!

I mentioned in an earlier post that I had picked up pre-work for Ro Pace’s “Atlantis Rising” which is a workshop that I am taking through the San Bernardino ANG group.  The pre-work is extensive and I have been in a slight panic to get it done before the NJNA retreat and the EGA Seminar in Louisville.   (More new projects — Nooooooo!)   So after stitching on the pre-work like crazy, I am happy to say that I have finally have it done!

Pre-work for Atlantis Rising

Pre-work for Atlantis Rising

The two borders alone consist of 700 Smyrna Crosses — so at 4 stitches per Smyrna, hmmm.

The next big challenge is figuring how to get it out to California for the workshop.  I changed my mind about doing this on 18-count canvas when I realized that it would be too big to carry on an airplane!  So, I think I’ve enlisted Harold to help construct a carrier out of foam board.  I described what one of the other students in my seminar class had, but he was redesigning it before I got done with my description!  My back-up plan is to take it off the stretcher bars and reattach when I get to California.  I’ll report on any further developments!

Keep on blogging!

Cheers, Rosie

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