After the Seminar!


Hi, Everyone —

I tried writing this in California, but just couldn’t get it done.

As expected, seminar was great fun and I learned a lot from two great teachers!  My lovely brother picked Sue and me up in Anaheim on Saturday morning and after stopping to get my Mom, we drove to his newly-renovated “cabin” at Lake Arrowhead.  The renovation was extensive, but the result is a comfortable, relaxing retreat.

Bill's Cabin

Bill’s Cabin

Lake Arrowhead was once a vacation destination for the Hollywood crowd, so Bill took Sue and I on a grand tour of the celebrity houses by boat!  He said that hearing me scream when he hit waves at high speed was “priceless”, but he shared all sorts of tidbits about various points of interest around the lake with Sue.

Sue is ready for her boat tour!

Sue is ready for her boat tour!

The lake is deep and clear (and cold), but I managed about 20 minutes of my swimming exercise routine!

We drove back to Riverside in time to attend the SBANG meeting which Sue has told you all about!  I picked up my pre-work for Ro Pace’s “Atlantis Rising” workshop which is being held by SBANG in late October.  The pre-work is extensive and I’m in a panic about getting it done in time.  So my seminar pieces will have to wait!

On Tuesday, Sue and I toured Riverside’s most famous landmark, The Mission Inn.  This is a hotel, that has the feel of a mission even though it was never used as such.  It has an interesting history that ties in with early California, the railroads, and orange trees!

The Mission Inn Bell Tower!

The Mission Inn Bell Tower!

I picked this picture for the blog so that you can compare it to the bell tower at San Juan Capistrano!

Mission Inn Courtyard with rotating Clock Tower!

Mission Inn Court Yard with rotating Clock Tower!

This court yard has seating for lunch, but it was over 100 degrees, so we sat inside!  The rooms on the top floor are all named after well-known authors who came to the Mission Inn to write!  What a nice way to round out our Anaheim experience!  Thanks, Mom!

Cheers, Rosie


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