A Day for a tour and Teacher Showcase


Since we did not need to be in class today by 8:30, we saw the lobby from our room at 9:00 when the sun was coming in the wall of window behind the registration desk. You can see it on yesterday's blog as we added it to the description I wrote.

Before the tour, we went down to see if either of us had won a door prize. I won my second door prize today! (The first, on Monday, I handed back in when I saw that the design called for 15 spools of Kreinik plus additional threads!). Today I found a cross stitch prize that was worth taking. It has the design as well as fabric and thread.

Lori Birmingham design

We left on our tour of the mission in San Juan Capistrano about 9:30. Rosie will be describing much of what we saw. The Native American women who worked for the padres were responsible for food preparation and one of the foods they prepared was based on acorns. After shelling the acorns–how do they do that?–they would grind it to a powder by grinding one rock over another. The friction created cups in the rocks. The women all gathered around the one rock to work, and what do women who have gathered do? They talk! Thus the name of the rock.

Gossip Rock

After a delicious lunch (see Rosie's blog), we returned to the hotel. I spent some time in the exhibit hall and this year voted for my favorite, a piece by Liz Morrow, called Leaping Stag in the professional original category.

Tonight was Teacher's Showcase. Rosie and I decided we would check it out and see if any of the east coast teachers had potential workshops for our chapter at some time in the future. We went into the room and were shocked to see the mass of women trying to see what was displayed by each teacher.

Teacher's Showcase

We picked up flyers and business cards from all of them even the woman from Tasmania, Australia! There were so many things that we thought some members would enjoy. The next step for those on the west coast or in the middle of the country is to see if we can find other chapters in a near by area who would be interested in a workshop with that teacher. So many choices!

Did I pick up a needle today? Yes, I wanted to wrap and secure the “plunged” gold threads from yesterday and I did. Now I need not worry about them moving on me before I work on this project again. Tomorrow is another project!



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