Third Day of Imari Collage


Hi, NJNA —

First of all — Carol sent me the summary of the show and tell from last Wednesday’s meeting!  I can’t wait to see Diane’s pictures that go with them!

Sue and I are having a great time at seminar!  We decided to try the ANG special lunch at Tusca (hotel restaurant) today — a cup of soup and a half sandwich for just under $10.  The soup was vegetable and the sandwich was a tuna melt.  There are no choices because normally the hotel restaurant is NOT open for lunch.  The problem was that we ordered hot tea at $4 each.  So all of a sudden the affordable lunch became a bit much.  Tomorrow we will nosh in our room for lunch!

Debbie’s Imari Collage class continued to be great fun today.  The stitches are beautiful — more so in person — and we continue to enjoy Debbie’s humor and stories as the class rolls on!  It hardly seems possible that three of the four days are over!  You can see from my end of day progress that we only have a few more sections to go.  So sad to see it end — I could stitch with this group for a long time!

Imari Collage -- End of Day Three

Imari Collage — End of Day Three

You will see that I have the pesky ends of the Or Nue taped back so that they don’t interfere with the adjacent panel.  Debbie says that Ideally, these would be sunk to the back and pulled to the side on the back of the canvas.  But, since we don’t have enough time to finish the panel, we have to push them aside on the front.  All in all, I feel much further ahead than I felt at this stage on Asian Collage last year.

After class today, I went out to the pool.  I exercised for about fifteen minutes, but the pool was 3.5 feet at its deepest and besides was full of kids.  Crouching down to do the routine was tough on the knees — as was skinning my knee on the bottom when I tried to do a lap.  So — I’ll try the pool in the North tower tomorrow.  I expected the better one to be this one which is part of the fitness center — bad assumption!

Sue and I had a nice dinner at an Italian Family Style restaurant which is about a block from our hotel.  We had linguini with shrimp, fresh tomatoes, spinach, and garlic.  It was one of our better meals since we came to seminar!  Both Sue and I were appalled by the treatment our waitress was receiving from a businessman sitting at the bar.  So obnoxious!  She handled it wonderfully and she told us that it used to bother her but she has gotten better at dealing with it.  God bless her!

That’s about all for today!  I hope that we have a few readers out there!



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